Monday, April 24, 2006

Neighbor or Charity

I have been doing my best to be a good neighbor, and a part of the neighborhood. As part of that, I have been friendly to my neighbors all around me, who are wonderful. They pay attention to all the goings on in the hood, and protect our little block. There is give and take, and all is well.

The next door neighbors have a different set of circumstances. They have a very nice young son who is about 9. I talk to him often, say hello and even give him a glass of something to drink once in a while. A couple of weeks ago, they asked me for help with their pepco bill, which was about to be shut off. After much thinking about it, i did help them out. (writing the check to pepco directly). Since that time the little boy has been coming over more often, and asking for food, soda and rides in my car. It hasnt become an issue yet, but I feel that it is necessary to let them know that I am not a charity, or a convenience store. I am planning on finding some small odd jobs for him to do for some extra money, but wonder if he is too young? What should I do, to continue to be friendly, without being taken advantage of?


Mari said...

Have you mentioned it to other neighbors on your block, as you may not be the only target?
Changing to a work for it system may be best unless you are ready for a sit down talk with his parents. You may also want to do some checking with services offered by the city government and Pepco to assist low income families regarding utility bills. Check into food bank and other food programs. These programs do exist, you are not a charity, find the actual charities. There is a charity to assist families in need in Truxton Circle (with a fellow who is very pissed off at me there). North Capitol something, check my Feb or Jan BACA meeting notes or ask Jim Berry about the program.
Also say no the rides in the car now!

Anonymous said...

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