Monday, April 10, 2006

Ward 3 Activism

Interesting article on proposed development, and neighborhood activism against it.

I used to live in Ward 3, in several different neighborhoods including tenleytown and friendship heights. This article struck a chord with me for several different reasons:

-There are similarities between Ward 5 and 3. We want smart growth, reasonable development, and attention to traffic and green space. Gargantuan developments are not the answer. If you want those, move to Ballston.

-While much can be said about the socio-economic differences between our wards and the influence of the people that live in each, I am very impressed with the sticktoitivness of the people there. They have fought that tower since day one. 5 years is a long time. It also is most likely the reason there are no PUDs going in over there on Reno Rd or at the Martens VW.

-How can we build on the activism that has already sprouted in Eckington? People in our neighborhood are smart, driven and dedicated. What does it take to bring the neighborhood together as a bloc? Granted, the area mentioned in the article is upper NW where there is a tremendous amount of homogeneity and rampant NIMBYism, but can we be as successful in shaping the way our neighborhood is developed?

-Lastly, I loved this quote, "The Office of Planning considers quality of life of neighborhoods the most important principle," said the agency's head, Ellen McCarthy. "[We are] constantly accused of promoting these smart-growth principles only to create revenue for the District. Nothing could be further from the truth."


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