Monday, April 10, 2006


Here are just a few random things for this am:

-My yard is a disaster. Have been trying to plant grass seed in the barespot in the front yard, buried a drainage tube and pulling weeds. There is red clay, piles of dirt, and weeds all throughout my yard. it looks like a construction zone. (it did feel satisfying to get that done in Saturdays rain though)

-KFC sign is back up, although it still looks a little crooked.

-there is fresh gray paint going up on the Savemore Supermarket building.

-Tulips are coming up on the triangle "corner" of Lincoln and NCap.

-There is a big ole dead tree on our block that the neighbors and I are concerned about. any one of those branches would destroy someones car, porch or roof.

-Public works fixed the lamp at the end of the street. Not because of my call, but because they were asked nicely by my neighbor.

-Lots of houses in the hood for sale, lots and lots.


elliott said...

I just stopped into the Savemore the other night (I just moved into the neighborhood) - not sure what I was expecting, but not for it to be that bad. Do you know the status of the old firehouse next to it?

Scenic Artisan said...

perhaps also the savemore.. i didnt notice.. but there is new paint on the single story building at the corner of r and north cap nw.

this is the one that the owners proceded with an illegal curbcut that the city made them repair. their intention was to open a car stereo installation biz.

as far as i know the firehouse under under exclusive price negotiation with the nextgen team.
both bloomingdale residents.

PalacePool said...

From DC Press release, (taken from )

The Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development selected NC Firehouse, LLC to develop and restore Old Engine Company 12, located at the corner of North Capitol Street and Quincy Place NW. Built in 1897, the historic firehouse is one of the District's 29 pre-World War II firehouses.

Vacant for nearly a decade, Old Engine Company 12 will transform into a full-service, sit-down restaurant named "EC-12" with a second-floor cultural and performing arts space programmed by XM Satellite Radio, a marketing partner on the team, who will broadcast live music events from the location. The lounge will also provide community meeting and exhibition space. EC-12 will include a sidewalk café and a renovated roof top deck to accommodate an outdoor seating area.

"We are thrilled that NC Firehouse LLC will transform this historic landmark into a destination for all of the community to enjoy," said Stanley Jackson, Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development. "We expect that the restoration of Old Engine Company 12 will serve as a catalyst for economic growth and stimulate retail development along North Capitol Street."

NC Firehouse LLC is a local limited liability company whose principal owner is NextGen Construction and Renovation, LLC, a District-based development firm. The Tenant and Co-Developer for this project is Novel Foods Hospitality Management, LLC, which manages and operates the popular restaurants Café Saint Ex and Bar Pilar on 14th Street NW.

A superior development plan, skilled development team, strong Local, Small, Disadvantaged Business Enterprise and First-Source hiring commitment and solid financial plan made NC Firehouse LLC the preferred developer. Plans for a sit-down restaurant will make the property accessible to the larger public as well as provide for a much needed community gathering spot on the North Capitol Street corridor. A sit-down restaurant was identified by community members as a preferred use for the site.

The EC-12 restaurant proposal will also create significant job opportunities for local residents. The new development program is expected to produce 60-80 full or part-time jobs and 6-10 additional temporary jobs during the restaurant startup phase for the final build-out. The development team will collaborate with the DC Central Kitchen to form a job training alliance and create a new culinary internship training program. In addition, the project is expected to generate substantial sales tax revenues and benefits to the community.

As a result of this selection, the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development will enter into exclusive negotiations with NextGen Development on the terms of the disposition. Once an agreement is reached, the Mayor will submit the sales contract to the Council of the District of Columbia ("Council") for its approval and grant of authority to dispose of the property to NC Firehouse, LLC on specified terms