Thursday, April 13, 2006

Green Team in Shaw and U St Corridor

A $350,000 project approved by the D.C. Council last week will hire and train homeless and low-income District residents to clean the U Street corridor and Shaw neighborhoods in Northwest Washington. Link

This is an interesting concept. It will be interesting to see what the results are. While this is an opportunity to clean up the neighborhood, the longer term effects of the short-term employment on the homeless population will be very limited. Make work programs rarely provide the training necessary for more advancement, and once the money is gone, so are the jobs. It may be valuable to ask Mr. Evans what the outcomes of the program will be for them. Does anyone know of any similar programs (other than the BID, which seems much different)? Will this be open to all homeless people, or just those in Shaw and U St?


Anonymous said...

Not relevant to this post, but it is relevant to Eckington. :)

I know Eckington is really close to the Rhode Island metro stop, but it looks like the only way to walk to the metro from, say, 2nd ad V NE is to walk along Rhode Island, under the overpass. Kinda sketchy, I'd imagine, but maybe I'm wrong. Am I missing something? Is there a pedestrian walkway or something?

On a related note, how are the various bus routes, etc. Is there a very useful, and very consistent Rhode Island bus?


Anonymous said...

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