Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Speed Cameras and Psychology

I have the pleasure of travelling daily through a zone patrolled by speed cameras. I dont particularly mind the camera, as it isnt difficult to monitor your speed and ensure you are following the posted speed limit. I generally drive faster than that posted limit. What I have noticed though is interesting. People who approach these zones not only slow down to the posted speed, but often slow down to more than 10 mph slower when approaching the cameras. I suppose this means that the cameras are effective; they have been succesful in changing the behavior of the populace. If fact, if the goal was to reduce speeds to the speed limit, they are exceeding their goal. My guess however is that public safety is not the reason for the cameras, it is revenue.


Scenic Artisan said...

you know, there is this great anti speeding tactic on porter street, just off of connecticut avenue.

if you drive up the street too fast it triggers a traffic light to turn red.

PalacePool said...

I have seen that, and it is a good tactic for a residential neighborhood with children.

katze said...

I sat in the front room of a house overlooking that spot last summer and watched the DC police trigger the light on numerous occasion, which always made me giggle because I am immature that way.

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