Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Update on Sunday's shooting

I want to preface this story by mentioning the purpose of this blog is not to focus on the negatives; Crime, doom and gloom. I love living in Eckington, and for the most part, I have great neighbors, a great street and a great home. However, there are bad things that happen, that either those who live here, or those who might need to know. Safety and security is a big issue, thus the inclusion of these types of reports. I hope to balance this with more positive posts as well.

This was taken from Scott's Bloomingdale listserv...

Gunfire On The Unit Block of Todd Place NE

Received Tuesday morning, 4/25/2006, from a resident on the unit block of Todd Place NE:

At approximately 12:00 am last night, we heard 8 shots ring out in succession. I thought at first they were just firecrackers, but when my other half went to the front of the house to look out on our street, she saw several people running and somebody shouting “they got such-and-such” (the name was unintelligible).

I immediately called 311 and reported that shots had been fired. Before I could even finish my conversation with the operator, the police came zooming down our street. The doors of the police car flew open and two officers jumped out, drew their guns and told everyone outside to get down. The male officer shouted at a couple of the people outside to get down, and the female officer went running down the street in pursuit of a suspect. After a short while, both police officers got back in their vehicle and sped off down the street. Eventually, some of the people outside reconvened and started discussing things.

This morning, one of my neighbors knocked on my door and said her car had a flat tire, which was apparently caused by one of the flying bullets. She was wondering if anything had happened to either one of our cars, which thankfully it hadn’t. I got to talking with one of other neighbors across the street, and it’s clear that the people doing these things don’t live on our street. But we seem to have some people on the street who are tolerating these individuals. This has to stop right now, before some innocent person is killed or wounded.


jaime said...

You probably already saw this link on the Eckington listserv (all the way at the bottom).

By the way, I've been trying to find the URL for Scott's Bloomingdale listserv - do you have it?

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