Sunday, April 02, 2006

The Honeymoon is Over

After a couple of months of no problems, things are starting to happen. As you read in the last post, there was a fraudulent check, which the bank is taking its time to fix. Now my complacency has started to cost me. Rather than taking the few moments to take in my yard tools last weekend, i left out my shovel, two rakes and my broom. Yesterday i attempted to start reseeding my lawn, in an area that was completly bare. I went to go find the rake, and realized that it had gotten legs and walked off along with the other implements. I have no one to blame but myself. Add this to the lesson learned.

The nicest man on the block passed away last week. He was referred to as "The Mayor" of our street. He had lived in the house across the street for the last 55 years. He watched out for everyone, and was a tremendous man. God bless his soul, and thoughts out to his family.

In some good news; I continue to meet more and more of the neighbors. They are some really great people. I got more info on the block, who lives where and what their story is. I love it here. Some new folks moved in up the street, will have to welcome them later today.

Having a yard is agreat thing, but it does take a lot of effort. If only I had the motivation that Mari from InShaw has toward her gardening. Other than the grass, there is weeding to do, and i plan to make an herb garden. I love to cook, and always need basil, parsely and other herbs. Going to the store costs way to much and then they spoil too fast.


Scenic Artisan said...

don't buy into that "I have no one to blame but myself" mentality.

report it.

Mari said...

Mari is in pain from gardening. Bending the wrong way, lifting the wrong way, you name it.
Basil, provided you have a minimal amount of sun is easy. Last year I had more than I knew what to do with. This year, I'm going to grow it for pesto. Lots and lots of pesto.

PalacePool said...

It isnt solely my fault, but the old adage "if everyone locked things up, there would be no theft" seems to ring in my ears. Someday, maybe it will be ok to leave things out in the yard. Until then, the will have to head down to the basement.

Anonymous said...

I had the idea to leave out my garden tools and 5 bags of top soil yesterday but thought better of it. As much as I would like to trust those in the neighborhood (residents or passthroughs) I like my items more. I also love this area and want to see it thrive. I guess living in one of those transitional neighborhoods comes with some of the issues u've named here. Love the site by the way. Good info.

Sean from 4th St., NE

Mari said...

Dirt. You can leave bags of dirt in your yard because the bags break easy and they are heavy and messy and you must be smoking some serious crack to even think you could sell a $4 bag of dirt to anyone. Everything else. Lock up.